Criminal Litigation

Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys should be the first choice for anyone facing a criminal investigation.  Our criminal law specialists and astute lawyers are always on hand to ensure that those arrested are able to receive practical and timely advice.

All accused people have one thing in common: they are innocent until proven guilty and our lawyers will do everything within the rules to ensure that their best interests are served. Our lawyers are known for their strategic expertise as well as the outstanding client service they provide, whilst ensuring that high profile cases are kept out of the public eye.

Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys has, together with our attorneys an paralegals, a first class in-house advocacy team, consisting of Higher Court Advocates.

If you are looking for a top Criminal law firm or an experienced criminal defence lawyer, le Roux & du Plessis Attorneys are able to help.

Our expert legal team have a wealth of experience in providing successful defence for our clients across the country.

Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys regularly handle criminal cases at Magistrate Court  and High Court levels, including (but not limited to) the following criminal offences:

  • Bail applications;
  • Trial services;
  • Appeals;
  • Review applications;
  • Applications for the challenging and setting aside of search and arrest warrants;
  • Assisting individuals and corporations with investigating and initiating criminal prosecutions;
  • Asset forfeiture proceedings;
  • Consultations;
  • After-hours bail applications.

For any urgent bail applications, please call Mr Anton Swart at 0827168575, all hours