Estate Planning / Wills

Estate Planning is essential to a person and his / her family’s welfare.  The Estate Planning is not only relevant after a person’s death, but also during his / her lifetime to offer financial security to his / her family members after death.  Obtaining expert advice ensures the bestfinancial importance during a client’s lifetime and after death.

The importance of effective Estate Planning should never be underestimated and at Le Roux & Du Plessis Attorneys we will ensure that you receive the best possible planning advice.

We offer the following estate planning services to our clients:

  • Specialist estate planning advice and guidance;
  • Drafting of Wills and Codicils;
  • The administration of deceased estates with accepting appointment as executers of estates;
  • The formation of Trusts (testamentary or inter vivos) with additional trust law advice and guidance after formation;
  • Transfer of properties between different entities with the appropriate legal, tax and financial advice.